Case Study Seminar

Case Study Seminar

Exam number: 70302
Module number: IIS-7030
ECTS 2,5
Frequency Summer term
Language English

About the course

Managers and business leaders in the field of information technology must make decisions with limited information and a swirl of business activities going on around them. They are required to evaluate options, make choices, and find solutions to the challenges they face every day. In this seminar, students will take on the perspective of a decision-maker by analyzing and discussing complex management challenges illustrated in different case studies from leading business schools.


Students will…

  • know about real-world challenges in the area of IT management, as well as methods for analyzing case studies,
  • be able to apply the vocabulary, theory, and methods they have learned in the lecture,
  • be able to develop solutions to business problems, as well as defend their solutions and discuss them critically in a group setting
  • be able to present solutions to case study problems in English


Please note that this semester, we use ONE REGISTRATION for both (MEITA-Lecture and CSS) lectures/the whole module.

The maximum number of participants is 32 students.

Enrollment for MEITA: Via Studon between 15.04.2020 starting 12:00 by 22.04.2020 ending 23:55.

The enrollments are stored and automatically drawn by the system at midgnight between 22.04.2020 and 23.04.2020. So everybody gets the same chance on attending the course. This will only happen when more than 32 students are enrolled before 22.04.2020 at midnight.


Due to the Corona Virus, the Kick-Off for Case Study Seminar is provided as Video via Studon. After registration and admission the Kick-Off Video must be watched by April 23.


Time:         Fridays, 11:30 – 13:00 (Kick-off: 26.04.2019)
Room:        LG 0.222/3