Managing Global Projects

Managing Global Projects

Exam number: 70604
Module number: IIS-7060
ECTS 2,5
Semester: Winter term
Language: English

About the course

Increasing globalization of business operations and the high importance of project structures for global operations force companies worldwide to develop and strengthen their capabilities for managing global projects. Therefore, future professionals capable of successfully coordinating projects across multiple countries and cultures will have excellent career prospects. To prepare students for the task of managing global projects, the course topics include:

  • Characteristics and organization of global projects,
  • Cultural influences (effects and remedies),
  • Controlling of globally distributed projects,
  • Challenges of IS outsourcing/offshoring projects.

For each of these topics, students will be given an introduction to the topic (knowledge transfer) and then work on real-world examples to gain deeper insights into the topic (knowledge application).

​In addition, students will work in teams on projects during the semester.


The main goal of the course is to familiarize students with the foundations of successful management in global IT-projects.

The course follows a student-centered learning approach, consisting of a cycle of knowledge transfer and application.

The students will:

  • describe the project life cycle
  • evaluate challenges caused by distance in globally distributed projects and learn about the approaches of dealing with them
  • evaluate IT archetypes and decision domains
  • evaluate PMOs in (IT) organization
  • analyze different collaboration tools


Enrollment for Managing Global Projects: Via Studon between 01.10.2021 starting 12:00 by 15.10.2021 ending 23:55.

Registrations by 01.10.2021 – 1:00 p.m. will have the equal opportunities to participate in Managing Global Projects.

Maximum number of participants: 32 – the entire course is held online


Due to the Corona Virus, the Kick-Off for Managing Global Projects is provided as Video via Studon. After registration and admission the Kick-Off Video must be watched by November 4th.


Time:         Thursdays, 11:30-13:00h
Room:        LG 0.225



“The Digital Transformation of IT – the case of Siemens Healthineers” (CIO special lecture)
In this lecture Siemens Healthineers CIO Dr. Stefan Henkel and members of his team will share firsthand insights and experiences. This course will be accounted as Managing Global Projects.

Maximum number of participants: 12 (real-world case work in 3 groups per 4 persons each). For more information on the course and the registration, please see here.